Tunnel to Towers in GB

Here’s a nice recap from Tunnel to Towers Foundation on how they’ve helped Gerritsen Beach to date… THANK YOU!

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation has been providing support to Gerritsen Beach since the week after Superstorm Sandy. When the demand was high we had sent truckloads and truckloads of supplies to the distribution center. The Foundation also distributed $175,000 in Home Depot gift cards to 350 families in Gerritsen Beach. Also, recently the Foundation had an IKEA donation which distributed about $300,000 worth of furniture to the community. Items given out included sofas, dinettes and dressers. Since April, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation has been running a free mold remediation program in the neighborhood. So far we have remediated 165 houses in Gerritsen Beach. That is over $600,000 in free mold remediation! We continue to make steady progress in the neighborhood, having performed over 400 in house assessments that determine mold and rebuilding needs. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation encourages residents who need mold remediation to come down to the office on Gerritsen and Devon to sign up for an in house assessment.

We thank all our volunteers and partner organizations in the recovery and rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of Sandy. The Foundation continues to give support to Gerritsen Beach and aid in the recovery of its residents as they regain stability and a sense of normalcy to their lives.

Any questions or concerns, residents may contact Nicole at gbrelief@gmail.com

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