Sandy Relief: Was your home “red tagged”?

From the mayor’s office & the Department of Buildings:

Any homeowner with a red tag should contact the Department of Buildings immediately by calling 311 or visiting a local Restoration Center.  The list of Restoration Centers can be found here:

Of the 900 properties with a red tag, we estimate 200 buildings will have to be completely or partially demolished due to the severity of damage caused by the storm.
· We are working to contact every owner whose property needs to be demolished and we are coordinating with FEMA in this effort, as most homeowners already have registered with FEMA or will soon do so.
· No building will be demolished until the homeowner is contacted, UNLESS the building is at imminent risk of collapse.

o Of the 200 severely damaged red tagged buildings, only a very small number are at high risk of collapse.

· The process of dealing with these 200 severely damaged structures will occur over the next several months.

o The only buildings that would be demolished in the coming weeks are those at imminent risk of collapse.

· For those 200 severely damaged buildings that will require demolition, the City will work with the homeowners to cover as much of the cost and do as much of the work right away as possible. Each case will be slightly different and we will work with the homeowners to address the unique conditions of each property.


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