Sandy Relief: URGENT REQUEST: Need heated tents

GBCares is in need of a heated tent(s) with tables and chairs so that we can move the Gerritsen Beach relief, support and comfort efforts to a new location. The Cort Club, which has been kind enough to host these relief efforts for the past 3 weeks, needs to move forward with their own clean up from the storm.

We need a tent that is large enough (possibly a 60×90) to accommodate

the donations that we deliver to the community, the wonderful volunteers who have been meeting at the Cort Club to help us rebuild our community, and most of all for the residents looking for information, supplies, and a warm gathering place.

Ideally, we need this tent before Thanksgiving, as the Cort Club needs to rehabilitate their facility. The Gerritsen Beach Cares Relief Center is vital to the Gerritsen Beach community’s post-storm recovery.

We are calling on you to get the word out and provide us with any and all assistance that you can to secure a tent as soon as possible for our continued operations.

Gerritsen Beach Cares, Inc.

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