Sandy Relief: Free Mobile Vet in GB Sunday, 11/18 @ 1030a

A Mobile Vet Unit will be brought to us by The Companion Animal Network.

It will be available tomorrow, 11/18 at 10:30 am. It will be stationed at the Library, 2808 Gerritsen Ave and Bartlett Pl. The Mobile Vet will stay as long as there are animals to check out.

It will be totally free, including meds, x rays, exams, bloodwork, etc., courtesy of the ASPCA’s sponsorship. Even if the animal has no issue, especially senior animals should be brought for a free exam and baseline blood test be run.

FYI, the ASPCA also just informed this organization that today they are opening a temporary animal shelter in Bklyn, which will house animals for free up to 30 days to give people a chance to get recovery going without having to worry about their pet.

Please spread the word and make sure you us it tomorrow- The Free Vet Mobile unit will be at the library at about 10:30 AM and will leave when there are no more pets to be seen.

Thank you Claudia Allore for securing this for our pets!!

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