Need Your Help Calling 311 to Report Parkland Problems & Maintenance Requests

Please help us by reporting any problems you notice on the Parkland by calling 311, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  If 311 receives enough calls, the Parks Department will send crews who do not normally work in this area to clean up, mow the grass and cut back the weeds.

If you‘re unsure of what to report, here are some examples: broken fencing, litter, overflowing garbage cans, broken sidewalks, uncut grass, weeds growing by the bus stops or guardrail or animal feces near children’s play areas, tree branches on the grass, graffiti on the guardrails, dumped cars on the shoreline, holes in the ground, glass on the beach or in a play area.

You can also request proper parking for the sport fields, repairs at the skate park, additional children’s equipment, or anything else you feel is needed.

Please be sure to report the specific problem and the correct location.

You can report multiple complaints, problems, and requests with a single phone call; you can give your name or report anonymously. It‘s easy, and needs to be done as often as possible. Please find the time (every day, if possible). Your calls to 311 will help NYC Parks identify and arrange to fix the problems.

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