GBC Board of Directors

Office Officer
President John Douglas
Vice President Mary Douglas
Chairperson of the Board Mike Bianco
Vice-Chairperson of the Board Dan Foster
Treasurer Jane De Witt
Bookkeeper Jameson Wells
Recording Secretary Joyce Canner-Burrafato
Corresponding Secretary Mandy Ripley-Galucci
Promotional Director Jason Albin
Membership Administrator Steve Terwilliger
Website Administrator Patrick Minze
Sergeant at Arms Bernhardt Jankowsky
1st Trustee Ray Schafer
2nd Trustee Bob O’Reilly
3rd Trustee Joe DeSimone
To contact the Board members as one group, please email
 as of 3/28/13

Board of Directors position descriptions:

President: The President is the Principal Executive Officer of this organization. The responsibility of the office is to oversee the day-to-day management of the organization. The President calls and presides over general membership and special meetings, in consultation with the Chairperson of the Board of the Directors. The President has the power to decide the order of business at general membership meetings, hire and suspend personnel, appoint Committee Chairpersons, sign legal documents in conjunction with the Treasurer, and countersign orders on the Treasury in order to carry out various duties of the functions of the organizations. The President will supervise, conduct and control all the business and affairs of this organization, its officers and employees, including without limitation, the right to appoint members of the organization to chair meetings and to preserve order therein.

Vice-President: The Vice-President will have the power to perform any and all of the duties of the President, as delegated by the President. The Vice-President will succeed the President in the event that the President is unable to perform such duties.

Chairperson of the Board: The Chairperson of the Board will have the duty to oversee the general functions of the Board of Directors, and convene, decide the order of business, and preside over Board of Directors meetings. The Chairperson of the Board will abstain from voting at Board of Director meetings with the exception of casting tie-breaking votes. The Chairperson will also give a Board of Directors report at general membership meetings.

Vice Chairperson of the Board: The Vice-Chairperson of the Board will have the power to perform any and all of the duties of the Chairperson of the Board, as delegated by the Chairperson of the Board.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will present all financial statements to its members and is responsible for the custodianship of petty cash, and all financial records, including bank statements, deposit transactions, withdrawal transactions, and financial instruments. The Treasurer is also charged with the responsibility to arrange to file all necessary federal, state and local income tax returns.

Recording Secretary: The Recording Secretary will make written records, make and keep custody of the minutes of all meetings and provide such information upon reasonable request to the organization. From the minutes of the meetings, the Recording Secretary shall prepare and deliver a voucher to the Treasurer for any order on the Treasury voted upon by the General Membership or Board of Directors. Minutes of all meetings shall specifically include all financial transactions approved at the meeting.

Correspondence Secretary: The Correspondence Secretary will manage all incoming mail, and arrange for dissemination of all information pertaining to the organization, including telephone calls, faxes, and newsletters and other information for general circulation.

Bookkeeper: The Bookkeeper will prepare all financial statements and records, and make them available to be Treasurer.

Electronic Correspondence Administrator (now Website Administrator): The Electronic Correspondence Administrator will maintain all information that is to be exchanged, disseminated or received through electronic media, including any electronic mail or website(s).

Promotional Director: The Promotional Director will encourage participation in events and inform the public of upcoming events, activities and current information concerning the organization through various media.

Membership Administrator: The Membership Administrator will have the duty to oversee the membership of GBC, maintain and keep custody of records, present membership reports to the Board of Directors and the general membership, administer a program to maintain and enhance membership benefits and see to the promotion of such benefits.

Sergeant –at-Arms: The Sergeant-at-Arms will be in charge of the door at general membership meetings. Responsibilities will include meeting and greeting guests, preparing meeting locations so they are ready to be attended by the general membership, and inspection of membership cards.

First, Second, and Third Trustees: It will be the duty of the Trustees to conduct an annual examination of the books and records of the organization and report on the results at the following general membership meeting. They shall sign the books if they have found them correct and the bank balance verified. If a Trustee disagrees with an expenditure properly authorized by the Board of Directors, or the membership, it will not be a valid reason for refusing to sign the books and records of the organization.

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