Who We Are

Gerritsen Beach Cares, Inc. is a not-for-profit, IRS Section 501(c)3 charitable organization, primarily conducting its operations in the peninsula known as Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn, NY.

The basic objective of the organization is to promote a clean environment to safely recreate and socialize. Our organizational activities affect areas along the southern Brooklyn and Queens waterfront communities. With a clean and safe environment, our southern Brooklyn and Queens communities can recreate and enjoy its surroundings without hazard. We are advocates of our cultural recreational areas, co-existing with other living species.

Gerritsen Beach Cares Leads the Way

As an organization, Gerritsen Beach Cares has been leading the way to raise the level of awareness to our residents and business owners concerning issues that may affect the quality of life in Gerritsen Beach. Our goal is to continue raising this level of awareness and address issues affecting our organization. Drawing upon our experiences, we have been sowing seeds for the future direction of Gerritsen Beach Cares.

Gerritsen Beach Cares is a growing organization. Formally, we started on August 25, 1997. Most Gerritsen Beach organizations have an advantage because they have been in existence for decades. Another one of our objectives is to give some sense of balance to our Board of Directors among the community. We are looking for representation that is characteristic of the community. This will help keep our organization fresh with ideas from different perspectives, as well as providing checks and balances for everyone in our community.

What is different about GB Cares from other organizations?

  • The only organization with no barriers to entry for all residents and business owners.
  • We extend voting rights to all residents and business owners 18 and over.
  • The only GB organization that looks after our environmental issues. These issues are becoming complicated and require an organized group to effectively deal with the apid changes made by misinformed or misguided non-resident decisions makers. These decisions will affect us for better or worse depending on the involvement of the local community.
  • Recognizes the Peninsula of Gerritsen Beach and deals with problems affecting our community.

Goals of GB Cares

  • A safer and more secure quality of life in Gerritsen Beach.
  • Maintaining and improving environmental and reational activities through educational and other fun, hands on activities.
  • Assist other organizations for their intended purposes in maintaining and improving the quality of life in Gerritsen Beach.
  • Continually communicate to our residents, organizations, politicians, government agencies, etc., to gather information and exchange ideas. This will increase our chances of   ”knowing something before it’s too late”. We have built up excellent relations with the community groups in and immediately outside of Gerritsen Beach and will continue to do so


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